Today @ Rhythm X, Inc.: Thursday, April 14th


Today is a huge day for Rhythm X, Inc. and for you, the fans! While Winds continue with a full day of rehearsal, European X and Percussion will perform in their first WGI events of the week- WGI Championships Prelims! European X competing in Percussion Independent Open at Millett Hall in Oxford, Ohio and Percussion in Percussion Independent World at UD Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Come check us out in the lot and catch our performances throughout the day! Read below for more details on when and where.

Today is also the first day The X Store is open at the WGI Expo Tent at UD Arena! X16 Rhythm SeXy tees are available and will sell out fast- so get yours today! There is a limited supply and when they're gone- they're gone! Even more awesome new merchandise will be available as well, so make sure you stop by to be the first with the latest and greatest of Rhythm X gear. The X Store will be open throughout the rest of the week in the front of the WGI Expo Tent and takes cash, credit, and Apple/Android Pay.

Main Events:

PIO Prelims:

  • Who: European X
  • Where: Millett Hall, Oxford, Ohio
  • When: Warm-Up @ 04:00 p, Perform @ 06:00 p

PIW Prelims:

  • Who: Percussion
  • Where: University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio
  • When: Warm-Up @ 06:55 p, Perform @ 08:58 p

The X Store Opens

  • Who: The X Store
  • Where: WGI World Championships Expo Tent @ UD Arena, Dayton, Ohio
  • When: 09:00 a - 10:00 p


  • PIO Semi-Finals
  • PIW Semi-Finals
  • Alumni Reception

We have loved hearing from our fans so far this week! The members and staff greatly enjoy interacting with our fans and fellow musicians both in real life and on social media. Make sure to join the conversation on social media by following us and using our X16 hashtags and signature emojis: #X16 #thealpha🌕 #aurora🌌  #eX16 #EXpress

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